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GLEN/GLENDA To Appear In Future Chucky Films?

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By now most Chucky fans have seen the newest installment into the franchise titled CULT OF CHUCKY. In the film, we see many returning characters from the past sharing the screen with our favorite killer doll.

One character that did not appear is The Seed of Chucky Glen/Glenda. Many fans wonder if we will ever see the character again in future films.

Writer/director Don Mancini was recently asked by Mezco Toyz if we will ever see Glen/Glenda again and he replied:

“All I can say is… STAY TUNED!”

This is by no means confirmation that we will ever see the offspring of Chucky and Tiffany again, but at least we know that Mancini has the notion on his mind, along with more installments.

Fans of Chucky, if you haven’t seen CULT OF CHUCKY yet, be sure and check that out.
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