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George Romero’s Son To Make A NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Prequel -Title, Info & Poster Revealed Within!

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The Horror world suffered a huge loss with the passing of filmmaking icon George A. Romero. He is credited as being the man that created the modern zombie. His series of zombie films really laid out the patterns for what we know the creatures to be today such as slow moving, traveling in packs and killing the brain to stop them.

Romero’s most known film of them all is arguably NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, which back in 1968 terrified the world. Before the film, zombies were known as voodoo, mind controlled beings. Romero’s classic introduced the living dead concept and the movie is probably the most recognizable zombie movie ever made.

While George Romero never actually came out and told the reason for the zombie apocalypse in his films, his son Cameron has other ideas. The young Romero has announced that he will be writing and directing a prequel to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD titled RISE OF THE LIVING DEAD.

RISE OF THE LIVING DEAD will be set in the early 60’s and will explore what led to the creation of the first Romero zombie. There are a lot of fans that do not think that an explanation for the outbreak is necessary, but Cameron Romero says that his father read the script before his passing and called it “genius”.

Cameron Romero says:

“Many of you know that I have been working to tell a story for many years... My dad read the script and called it "genius" (I'm not saying that from pride, it's an actual quote and I have the email to prove it! :)) Many have approached me about making this film and I've said no to many because even though I'm not a "precious" artist, this one is special... this one is mine... this one... is my love letter to my dad... to his work... to the fact that he was once called the most dangerous filmmaker alive... to the fact that society in 1968 wanted to shut him up as much as they wanted to celebrate him…

This one…

This one is the prelude to "Night," the film that created the pop culture phenomenon that has inspired thousands of filmmakers from backyard auteurs to $180M features to the single longest running and most successful show in the history of television…

This one has been a long time coming...”

There is no word as of yet as to when production will begin, so it could be a while before this film sees completion. It will be interesting to see the younger Romero’s tribute to his father’s classic.

We will continue to keep you updated on RISE OF THE LIVING DEAD as we hear it.
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