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Official Trailer For 80’s Throwback Slasher CRAZY LAKE Is Within!

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If you enjoy Horror slasher movies that throwback to the wonderful era known as the 80’s, then you will like what we have for you today. Indian Pictures and directors Chris Leto and Jason Henne bring us the film titled CRAZY LAKE. You can watch the official trailer down below.

CRAZY LAKE stars Skyler Joy, Marco DelVecchio, Diana Riley, Matt Valena, Libby Blanton, Graham Hunt, Keily Fernandez, Marvin Laviolette, Rob Mello, Allis Bodziak, Caulin Donaldson, Leyla Lawrence, and Ashley Allen.


“A vacation in a cabin by a lake for four twenty something couples turns into a nightmare when a secret government experiment goes awry.”

CRAZY LAKE is available on Amazon.
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