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MACHETE KILLS may not have been a monster success at the box office, but the film's director Robert Rodriguez believed in it so much that he really likes the idea of doing a third movie for the series. A trailer for an idea MACHETE KILLS IN SPACE was shown in the theaters just before the feature presentation of MACHETE KILLS, giving fans the idea that this may one day actually happen.

Well that was several years ago, and fans are still wondering if the film will ever be made.

Yahoo Q&A recently sat down with star Danny Trejoand he says that the film will be happening:

“I've already talked to Robert, Robert said, 'I'm with ya, put it together, let's start writing it.' Then I talked to Mel Gibson, I said, 'Mel, come on, let's do the MACHETE KILLS IN SPACE.' Mel says, 'I'm in, I'm ready, tell Robert.' So now we're gonna do it, yeah."

One can only wonder if the movie will actually move forward. We will continue to keep you updated as we hear it.
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