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Official Trailer For HOUSE OF SALEM Is Within!

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Get ready for a new abduction tale that has plenty of twists and turns. Sure there are a lot of predictable films out there but the upcoming film from director James Crow titled HOUSE OF SALEM promises to be much different. Being described as a cross between DON'T BREATHE and YOU'RE NEXT, the flick is ready to take your mind on a trip. We have the official trailer waiting for you down below. Check it out.

HOUSE OF SALEM stars Jessica Arterton, Jack Brett Anderson, Liam Kelly Leslie Mills, Andrew Lee Potts, Jack Brett Anderson, and Anna Nightingale.


“A group of criminals kidnap a young boy for an anonymous client. They are unaware that he is meant to take part in a sick game of human sacrifice. Even more frightening is the child's connection to the supernatural, and the demonic forces present in the safe house.”

HOUSE OF SALEM comes to VOD on January 23rd.
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