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Official Trailer Arrives For Horror Comedy MOM AND DAD!

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Horror/comedies are a touchy subject. Sometimes they work, and other times not so much. One upcoming film from director Brian Taylor titled MOM AND DAD looks to break some new ground and take things to the limit. Starring Nicolas Cage, the movie takes an element from THE PURGE, where in this case, parents have 24 hours to act out violently on their kids. Head on down below to check out the official trailer.

Joining Cage in the cast are Selma Blair, Anne Winters , and Zackary Arthur.


“Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair star in this pitch-black horror-comedy about a worldwide mass hysteria where, for 24 brutal hours, parents turn violently against their own children.”

MOM AND DAD comes to theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on January 19th.
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