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Official Trailer For THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT Is Within!

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Being wrapped up in something that you weren’t meant to be involved in can sometimes be a bad thing. Such is the case for an unlucky journalist who finds that some mysteries are best left alone in the film THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT. The movie was written and directed by Caleb Smith and Brandon Moore, and you will find the trailer below.

THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT stars Rane Jameson, Leif Steinert, Caleb Smith, Darlene Vogel, Stephen Grove Malloy, Daniel Weiss, Damian Anastasio, Regen Wilson, and Jaime Gallagher.


"When journalist Jake Stetson (Rane Jameson) exposes widespread police corruption, he soon finds himself a target of the violent vigilantes he unwittingly inspired. A thriller delving into the world of crooked cops and secret societies THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT is an intense ride from the moment you hit play."

THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT is now available.
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