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Creighton Duke’s Connection To Jason Voorhees Revealed!

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In JASON GOES TO HELL, we see a powerful Jason back at Crystal Lake, ready to keep his steady diet of slashing going, even though in the previous film’s end we saw him as a young shivering child. Despite that, Jason came back strong and ready to dominate until he was blown up by some heavy artillery. Then the crazy idea of Jason being able to jump from body to body took place, taking us to areas never traveled before in a Jason film.

Then there is Creighton Duke played by Steven Williams. The bounty hunter on JASON GOES TO HELL that knows how to truly kill Jason Voorhees once and for all. Fans have been wondering for many years now, what is Creighton Duke’s connection to Jason Voorhees? We finally have an answer from the director of JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY Adam Marcus.

During a Facebook Q&A, Marcus reveals about the connection between Duke and Jason:

“Here’s what happened. A teenage Creighton was out on Crystal Lake with his girlfriend. Jason capsized their small boat and pulled the girl down into the lake. Creighton tried to save her but could not. She was never seen again. Creighton vowed revenge and from that moment on he spent his life in the study and pursuit of Jason. He became a bounty hunter just to fund his work in taking down his nemesis. That’s the story."

Wow, that is pretty amazing. The story there alone could have been a movie all to itself. Regardless if you are a fan of JASON GOES TO HELL or no, it is nice to know what was going on with the clever character of Creighton Duke, his roots and motivation.
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