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Back in 2014 it was announced that Warner Bros. newly created division Blue Ribbon Content was to be developing and producing different live action series for digital platforms in the future. A web series based on the CRITTERS franchise was to be among the ideas. Then three years passed with no word and out of the blue came the announcement that CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE was happening.

Writer/director Jordan Rubin along with his co-writers Al Kaplan and Jon Kaplan are the creative team behind ZOMBEAVERS and now they prepare to create the Critters in the upcoming web series in which:

“the critters return to Earth in search of one of their kin, who was left behind years ago during an earlier mission. They land in Burbank, Calif., where they wreak havoc on a group of high schoolers and their families.”

Rubin spoke with slashfilm revealing that this will not be an origin story:

“the Critters already exist in the world. They’re returning to Earth because they left one of their offspring behind that they’re trying to find. They’re being chased by the bounty hunters. So it’s a new binge, but it’s not an origin story per se like Batman Begins where you’re seeing from the ground up. This is a world that already exists that we’re joining.

... (The offspring is) sort of a surprise and a reveal. Let’s just say there was an impregnation that happened. There was a seed that was left behind and now that maybe has come to fruition, so they need to find it because they think it will help them maybe take over the galaxy."

The director also confirmed that bounty hunters will be shape shifters like they were in the earlier films, but not the same characters.

“It’s sort of its own story. Well, [Leonardo] DiCaprio would be nice to show up in it but I’d say it’s more off of the first one. I felt like the later films started to have more fun and get a little more silly campy in a good way, but I like the darkness of the first one to me. It felt more like it went for it. I know people that still watch it and get scared by it. I don’t get scared by that kind of thing. I’m laughing."

The CRITTERS web series will focus on a kid from a typical American family that is modern and very dysfunctional.

There is a chance that the Chiodo Brothers could return to help bring the Critters back to life as Rubin reveals:

“We spoke to them and I’m trying to make that work. I think that would be amazing. It’s all a matter of budget and if it can work out with their schedule and where we shoot. If we shoot in Canada… I’m trying to make that work because I met with them and they were great, but we’re speaking to a couple different puppet houses."

The web series will consist of eight 10 minute episodes and production on the show is said to begin in the upcoming months. Once completed, the series will be available through Verizon’s go90 streaming service.
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