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New Clip Arrives From The Finale Of CHANNEL ZERO: BUTCHER’S BLOCK!

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If you have been enjoying Syfy’s CHANNEL ZERO: BUTCHER’S BLOCK, then you should be excited for the third season finale which is on the way. It is directed by Arkasha Stevenson with Antosca writing the season that is inspired by Kerry Hammond's Creepypasta tale Search and Rescue Woods.

A new clip has arrived for the CHANNEL ZERO: BUTCHER’S BLOCK finale. You can view that down below.

Olivia Luccardi stars as Alice, and she's joined in the cast by Holland Roden as her older sister Zoe, who struggles with mental illness; Rutger Hauer as reclusive meatpacking magnate Joseph Peach; Brandon Scott as young-but-jaded police officer Luke Vanczyk and Krisha Fairchild as retired journalist Louise Lispector, who is writing a book about the disappearances.

"Sacrifice Zone" synopsis:

"Zoe and Alice confront the Peach family.”

Inspired by Kerry Hammond’s “Search and Rescue Woods” Creepypasta tale, CHANNEL ZERO: BUTCHER’S BLOCK tells the story of a young woman named Alice (Olivia Luccardi, “It Follows”) who moves to a new city and learns about a series of disappearances that may be connected to a baffling rumor about mysterious staircases in the city’s worst neighborhoods. With help from her sister, they discover that something is preying on the city’s residents.

BUTCHER’S BLOCK "Sacrifice Zone" will air on Syfy on Wednesday, March 14th.
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