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Official Trailer Arrives For BOAR Starring Bill Moseley!

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Australian director Chris Sun’s latest gorefest BOAR has officially been picked up for distribution by Universal Pictures Australia! The award winning filmmaker, who’s made waves in the Australian and international film scene is gearing up for the release of his fourth film titled BOAR is Sun’s biggest project to date and Universal Pictures Australia will be releasing it this soon. Head on down below to view the trailer.

BOAR stars John Jarratt, Melissa Tkautz, Hugh Sheridan, Nathan Jones, Bill Mosely, Ernie Dingo, Simone Buchanan, Roger Ward, Steve Bisely, Ricci Guarnaccio and Emily Williams.


“Set in outback Australia, BOAR showcases the harsh and beautiful Australian landscape. Lurking within this picturesque setting is a dark and terrifying threat – a beast of staggering size with an uncontrollable desire for blood and destruction. Driven by its insatiable appetite for carnage, it defends its territory with brutal force and savagely takes on any who get in its way.”

Look for BOAR to arrive this year.
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