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Big News For THE CONJURING Universe!

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One of the biggest and most successful Horror franchises is James Wan’s THE CONJURING. Led by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga who play Ed and Lorraine Warren. the movie was able to put out a sequel, both of which followed Ed and Lorraine Warren who did battle with supernatural forces that caused major problems for families in need of help.

THE CONJURING has been able to create some spin-off’s such as ANNABELLE, the upcoming sequel ANNABELLE: CREATION, as well as the yet to be made film titled THE NUN.

THR now reports that Warner Bros. has set the release date as July 3rd, 2019 for an untitled movie from THE CONJURING Universe.

At this point in time, it is not clear which film the release date is for. There is no doubt that a CONJURING 3 will be taking place but there was previously an announcement that yet another spin-off based on The Crooked Man from THE CONJURING 2 would be made.

We will keep you keep you informed on all things THE CONJURING as we hear it.
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