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Official Trailer For Practical FX Film JURASSIC PREDATOR Is Within!

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Dinosaur fans will be glad to know that yet another prehistoric predator from the past flick is coming soon in the form of director Andrew Jones’ JURASSIC PREDATOR. The movie follows the mistake of some scientists that snowball’s into chaos. Head on down below to take a look at the official trailer.

JURASSIC PREDATOR stars Nathan Head, Derek Nelson, Megan Lockhurst, Lee Bane, Richard Dee-Roberts, Rachel Jones, Jason Homewood, Sarah John, ’80s punk rocker Lee Mark Jones, David Lyndon, Darren Swain, and Travis Booth-Millard.


“Scientists working at a top secret government research facility are conducting experiments to resurrect a dinosaur using prehistoric DNA. The scientists believe the experiment will lead to fame and fortune but instead it leads to death and destruction when the terrifying T-Rex grows at an accelerated pace. After rampaging through the research center, the fearsome creature escapes into nearby Devil’s Creek. The government hires a squad of deadly mercenaries to lead a search and destroy mission. It’s man against the most vicious beast of all time – and neither will survive while the other is alive.”

JURASSIC PREDATOR comes to DVD on June 5th and hits the UK on June 22nd.
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