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Trailer For HABIT Is Within!

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Get ready for the film adaptation of Stephen McGeah’s novel HABIT. The movie won Best Feature and Best Screenplay at the New York Horror Film Festival and has been being shown in festivals all over Europe. The duo of Simeon Halligan and Rachel Richardson-Jones produce and direct. Head on down below to have a look at the trailer.

HABIT stars Jessica Barden, Elliot James Langridge, William Ash, Roxanne Pallett, and Joanne Mitchell.


“Michael, jobless and down on his luck, is drawn into the city’s seedy underworld and is groomed by a secretive subculture who have a dark secret, a bloody addiction that they intend Michael to share. When Michael finds out what goes on in the room below Cloud 9, his life will never be the same again.”

HABIT is now available on all major VOD platforms in North America.
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