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Rob Zombie Reveals New Images Of 3 FROM HELL!

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Rob Zombie wrapped filming on his follow up to THE DEVIL’S REJECTS not long ago which is titled 3 FROM HELL. Returning to the reprise their iconic roles are Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Sherri Moon Zombie.

The director has been sharing some images from the film and today we bring you the latest.

We see both Danny Trejo and Richard Brake in 3 FROM HELL along with captions.

“Rondo returns! @officialdannytrejo”

“Here’s your first look at Winslow Foxworth Coltrane aka Foxy played by @richbrake. How does he figure into all of this? Only time will tell."

Zombie has not revealed how his main characters would be returning from what seemed to be a certain death, he did say:

“After the second one, I thought, 'We're done with it,' but I always think that with every movie. And then you kind of live with it for a long time, and the movies sort of take on a life of their own, or they start getting popular and the fans really start embracing them and the characters, and you start thinking, 'Well… Hmmm… What if I did this? What if I did that?' This one, it's 14 years in between the two films, so it's been a long time; it wasn't really a rush to make it, by any means."

There is no synopsis as of yet but previous images indicate that Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding are all in prison.

3 FROM HELL stars Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, Austin Stoker, Dee Wallace, Emilio Rivera, Billy Blair, Jeff Daniel Phillips, David Ury, Tom Papa, Dot-Marie Jones, Danny Trejo, Pancho Moler, Richard Edson, Richard Riehle, Kevin Jackson, Daniel Roebuck, Steven Michael Quezada, Bill Oberst Jr., Sylvia Jefferies, Sean Whalen, and Clint Howard, who will play a clown named Mr. Baggy Britches.

The movie will see release sometime next year with editing set to begin in September.

We will continue to keep you updated on Rob Zombie’s 3 FROM HELL as it unfolds.
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