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New Classic Prototype H1 Myers Knife...

Ok... The last degn I have done was a take on Rob Zombie's HalloweeN. For those of you who have never seen it, it will be the First picture I post. I deded I wanted a more Clasc Vintage Myers knife like the one from H1... So, I went to my local Hardware store and picked up all the supplies I needed. Each knife takes about 4-5 hours to produce so the quality is definatly there! This knife measures 18" long. The cost is a flat rate of $45.00 shipped! Definatly a well worth price for all that goes into making one of these. The handle has been stained ung a Dark Red Mahogany finish to bring out the ritchness of a Clasc Vintage Knife.

For those who are interested in the Rob Zombie style knife, I can make those as well! If you want these with or without blood it is your call! To add additional blood to the H1 knife it will be an additional $5.00... Doing the blood the way I do takes a little while because I make sure it has the Clotted up look so that makes for a Grizzley te... I can do it however you want it!!! Just ask and I'll give you the qoute! Price pretty much depends on how much you want done or what not...

These are made to order, and "MAY" take up to 2 weeks before shipping date.

Please excuse the quality of the photos as my camera was running on fumes when I took these!!! Enjoy! --Ryan Rob Zombie Style:

Clasc Vintage Style:
Harry Warden Wednesday 12/10/2008 at 07:31 AM | 27724
Looks great Ryan...I'm more partial to the first one though

kweandee Friday 12/12/2008 at 07:15 AM | 27725
nice work Ryan and I am with Des on this, the first one just rocks with all the blood!

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Friday 12/12/2008 at 07:18 AM | 27950
So far I am glad that you guys like them. Remember just because you Love the bloodwork, These H1 Styles can be ordered Butcher Fresh as well!!! I can do whatever fits your needs!

On the same line of Props, The Original Dream Sweaters will be available soon as well! I can't accept any orders on those at the moment for now, but soon they will be ready! --Ryan

Harry Warden Friday 12/12/2008 at 08:19 AM | 27952
That's a pretty big bitch.
DrenTheLiar Friday 12/12/2008 at 09:47 PM | 28018
That's a pretty big bitch.

my mother in law's on here now? Oh wait never mind!

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Friday 12/12/2008 at 09:56 PM | 28021
That's a pretty big bitch.

my mother in law's on here now? Oh wait never mind!

no just my ex

Johnny Bisco Friday 12/12/2008 at 10:49 PM | 28031
how much are these going to be ryan?

pamelavoorheesRIP Saturday 12/13/2008 at 01:17 AM | 28048
Knifes are $45.00 shipped. Any style!!! Sweaters... I am thinking up a new way to do those and I'll have a better idea on the cost of those later on...

Thanks for the intrest! --Ryan

Harry Warden Saturday 12/13/2008 at 03:48 AM | 28056
Pretty good stuff, dude. Very detailed, and the blood on 1st is killer!
L√úCKMANN Saturday 12/13/2008 at 11:38 AM | 28070
good looking knives, really like the rz knife

halloween killer Sunday 12/14/2008 at 11:25 PM | 28177
Thanks Seth! And to everyone who likes them! --Ryan

Harry Warden Monday 12/15/2008 at 01:00 AM | 28183