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Teaser Trailer Arrives For Female Slasher ANGEL!

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If you enjoy a good slasher film, you may enjoy the upcoming effort from writer/director Tory Jones titled ANGEL. The movie will be making it’s debut next month with hopes of being picked up for distribution. Head on down below to have a look at the official trailer.

ANGEL stars Sonya Delormier, Cameryn Zupon, Dale Miller, and Jessica Bloom as Angel.


“After his daughter goes missing, a wealthy contractor hires a group of investigative journalists to probe into an abandoned town with hopes of uncovering clues to her disappearance. While digging into the town’s jaded history, the group uncover a sinister secret and come face to face with the town’s dark past in the form of a figure known as Angel.”

ANGEL will have its world premiere on July 21st at the Historic Lyric Theatre in Lexington Kentucky before being release wide later this year.
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