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A NIGHTBREED TV Series Is Being Developed!

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According to Deadline, there's a TV series based on Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED in the works at SyFy from writer Josh Stolberg, Morgan Creek Entertainment and Universal Cable Prods.

If you're unfamiliar with Barker's novel Cabal, or the underrated movie adaptation, it focuses on a troubled young man named Aaron Boon who dreams of visting the mythical city of Midian. Framed for a series of grisly murders and shot down by the cops, Boon is resurrected by Midian's monstrous inhabitants and joins them as they defend the gates of the city against the "real monsters".

It sounds like this upcoming series will be taking a few liberties with the source material, however.

"NIGHTBREED follows a group of underground half-human/half-monsters seeking to find a new refuge and home after their original hiding place is destroyed. Leading these efforts is a recently turned reluctant hero who not only is adjusting to his new supernatural status but also is dealing with the grief and mystery surrounding the death of his fiancée. Will this group band together despite being hunted and persecuted by humans who find their “otherness” to be frightening?"

There's definitely a lot of potential here and SyFy has a chance to knock it out of the park, which hopefully they will.

We will continue to keep you updated on the NIGHTBREED TV adaptation as it unfolds.
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