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Trailer For Gorefest Flick FREAK IN THE BASEMENT Is Within!

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If you enjoy over the top, gory Horror that has an original idea to springboard fans collective interests, then look no further. Writer/director Alex Wesley prepares for the release of his upcoming Horror film titled FREAK IN THE BASEMENT. The trailer for the movies can be viewed down below.

FREAK IN THE BASEMENT stars Alex Wesley, Viktor Murzikov, and Vladislav Krivenchuk.


“Nicolai Sctulman has got a big secret - in his garage basement there lives a hideous Freak. The two have a twisted arrangement together, Sctulman kills people and feeds them to the monster living in his basement in exchange for a strange but addictive green slime that the Freak gives him from his sweat which is "the best drug in the universe".

FREAK IN THE BASEMENT will have a limited DVD run very soon.
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