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Teaser Trailer For ABSTRACTION Is Within!


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From the director of CREPTIUS and THE AUDITION comes ABSTRACTION. Writer/director Anthony Raus, along with producers Johnny Macabre and Tori Danielle prepare for the festival circuit run of their film which deals with a writer that creates a character which becomes all too real. Head on down below to have a look at the teaser trailer below.

ABSTRACTION stars Mary Liz Adams, Gary Fizer, Ian Blake Salazar, Bella Robinson, and Allie Shoop.


“Justine a once accomplished writer is currently on a press tour with her publisher Gabe, In an attempt to revitalize her career she isolates herself from any and all distractions while at the same time battling for the spotlight. But she soon comes to realize that she is being tormented by a character she wrote that ruined her creative drive 2 years earlier and has caused her career to plummet. The voices in her head have become louder than ever.”

ABSTRACTION will arrive on the festival circuit this fall.
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