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Official Trailer Arrives For Zombie Hockey Flick AHOCKALYPSE!

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A blood-spattered blend of skates, scares, and apocalyptic teamwork, writer/director's AHOCKALYPSE is coming to VOD very soon from Sparrowhawk Pictures. The opening scene from the flick can be watched down below, along with the film's previously released official trailer.

AHOCKALYPSE stars Jesse Rennicke, Alex Galick, Squall Charlson, Kaylee Williams, Gabrielle Arrowsmith, and Mason Hendricks.


"The Prairie Kings hockey team is about to battle for the championship and their lives - all in the same night!

After the boys with the cup, their riotous celebration is interrupted when the Earth is suddenly overrun by a zombie Ahockalypse! Now, these lovable goons have to battle their way back to their home arena for a final showdown with the undead. Can hockey legend Barry Melrose help the guys escape with their lives - or is it sudden death for the Prairie Kings?!"

AHOCKALYPSE comes to VOD on August 17th.
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