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Trailer Arrives For John Burr's MUSE!

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Love can be a wonderful thing. It can also be a deadly thing. Such is the case for writer/director John Burr's upcoming fantasy/Horror flick titled MUSE. The film stars Lou Ferrigno Jr. and the trailer is waiting for you down below.

MUSE also stars Riley Egan, Elle Evans, and Kate Mansi.


"Adam, a young struggling painter, has lost his inspiration to make new art. That is until he meets a mysterious and beautiful Muse — the Leannan Si — a mythical celtic creature who chooses a human lover to protect and seduce. When Adam gets in trouble with local thugs, his Muse murders them. How far will the Leannan Si go to protect her lover and can he live with her actions? Or will Adam try and stop her when she begins to go after those he loves?"

MUSE is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit.
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