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Trailer Arrives For Creature Feature CROCODYLUS!

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Sometimes there is nothing quite like a fun and entertaining creature feature to take our minds on a well needed journey. Movies like JAWS and LAKE PLACID laid the groundwork from yesteryear and luckily there is still a nice amount of flicks of this type still being made. Director Myles Erfurth prepares to unleash his upcoming film CROCODYLUS on the world. You can check out the trailer down below.

CROCODYLUS stars Roberto Escobar, Mario Nalini, Nicholas Kolasinksi, Michael McLaren, Dawn Soleri, Noa Lindberg and Courtney Dlugos. The film was written by Michael McLaren and Myles Erfurth.


"A dark secret is unearthed by a local farmer. Local Paleontologists reveal its the remains of a prehistoric monster Crocodylus. It’s trible seal has been broken unleashing terror upon the local towns people."

Look for CROCODYLUS to arrive sometime in 2019.
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