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MACHETE KILLS may not have been a monster success at the box office, but the film's director Robert Rodriguez believed in it so much that he really likes the idea of doing a third movie for the series. A trailer for an idea MACHETE KILLS IN SPACE was shown in the theaters just before the feature presentation of MACHETE KILLS, giving fans the idea that this may one day actually happen.

Well that was several years ago, and fans are still wondering if the film will ever be made.

Danny Trejo was recently a guest on Popcorn Talks "I Could Never Be..." podcast and revealed that a third MACHETE film is still in the works.


"[Writer-director Robert Rodriguez] is working on it. When that comes out, it's gonna just be unbelievably crazy."

Again, Trejo dropped this killer confirmation over on Popcorn Talk and you can check out the full hour-long interview for yourself HERE. The MACHETE KILLS AGAIN... IN SPACE specific part comes on at 9:40, but really the whole video is an interesting listen, so if you have a bit of time before or after work today, give it a go and then let us know what you think of MACHETE KILLS AGAIN... IN SPACE!

The IMDB plot of MACHETE KILLS AGAIN... IN SPACE reads like this:

"Voz flees to outer space after attempting to start a nuclear war on Earth and there is only one man who the President can trust to take Voz down Machete."

There is currently no word on just who could return for this third MACHETE film, as only time will tell.

We will continue to keep you up to date on MACHETE KILLS IN SPACE.
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