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Official Trailer For FUTURE MAN: Season 2 Is Within!

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These days, streaming services are putting out some outstanding original series', giving cable a run for its money. One such 2017 series from Hulu called FUTURE MAN made it's mark. Those of you who are fans will be glad to know that the series has been greenlit for a second season. The trailer can be viewed down below.

Season two will play out like an anthology series with each one having new characters and an unrelated story,

Season 1 of FUTURE MAN followed Josh Futterman as a down and out loser who hates his job as a janitor as Kronish Labs and loves video games… well, video GAME. He is obsessed with beating Biotic Wars, a game that has never been beaten. When Josh finally conquers the game, two resistance leaders, Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson), travel back in time to collect him. You see, the game was a training and vetting program to find an elite savior for the future. Unfortunately, Josh isn’t exactly what they had in mind.

What follows is time traveling to ’80s pop bands and going from rathole to rathole for some bumbling world saving that doesn’t seem to stick. While some episodes drag on just a hair, the entire series was entertaining.

FUTURE MAN: Season 2 will be available on Hulu January 11, 2019.
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