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Pumpkinhead Fresh Paint .. Pic Heavy

Well this was kind of a last minute paint job I did today ..

What do you guys think .. Pics are under 2 different lights ..

maskmaniac Monday 12/15/2008 at 02:28 AM | 28195
I like!

Is that an MMFX Pumpkinhead?
Snoballz Monday 12/15/2008 at 02:50 AM | 28196
Hey Man

No its a Distortions pumpkinhead sculpted by Henry Alvarez they made the full torso and this one just the head ...


maskmaniac Monday 12/15/2008 at 02:56 AM | 28198
Snoballz I was thinking the same thing, thought maybe Bob did it! Wow Alvarez did a great job on the sculpt and Lewis your paint work is outstanding. You have really proved yourself in these last few months. Keep up the great work bro....

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Monday 12/15/2008 at 02:58 AM | 28200
yo man i love me some pumpkinhead. that paint work is ck! is this going to be for sale on the bid?
sausagecake Monday 12/15/2008 at 03:04 AM | 28201
Thanks BOOMAN ..

and sausagecake it is for sale .. with 4 kids and Christmas almost here need to sale it for some last minute ts .. so will take offers ..


maskmaniac Monday 12/15/2008 at 03:15 AM | 28203
nice paint work lewis. can you give me a ball park figure on what something like this might run? thanks

pamelavoorheesRIP Monday 12/15/2008 at 04:38 AM | 28204
Damn that's looks great

kweandee Monday 12/15/2008 at 07:15 AM | 28218
looks good

jad Monday 12/15/2008 at 01:59 PM | 28228
Thats freakin bad ass!!

I still haven't seen that movie.

I'll add it to netflix.
Evildsm Monday 12/15/2008 at 03:32 PM | 28231
its nice seeing all the love for pumpkinhead lately. i love the series and the work that kubrick did. nice paint scheme maskmaniac.
oldskool Monday 12/15/2008 at 05:30 PM | 28246