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Watch The Teaser Trailer For THE BEAST OF LBL Within!

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What started out as a joke has become reality as filmmaker's Lee Vervoort and Spencer Balentine tackle the Dogman.

WKDZ radio in Cadiz, Ky posted an article about a mythical creature called the Dogman. Lee shared the article on Facebook and jokingly said "hey I should make a movie about this". The overwhelming response drove him raise the money to shoot a teaser trailer with.....and he did.

Standing over 7 feet tall with red eyes, a putrid odor and having superhuman strength, this creature of Kentucky folklore has stirred the LBL area of western Kentucky for decades.

Vervoort teamed up with Fuller and Green Productions to film the teaser for THE BEAST OF LBL which gained 50,000 views the first week of it's release.

Shortly after, Spencer Balentine who is originally from the Golden Pond area of LBL, teamed up with Lee to pursue the venture. Balentine ran a legitimate moonshine business after his father being one of the most famous moonshiners back in the day....before it was legal.

Spencer is no stranger to screenwriting which was his stipulation of the partnership. After taking screenwriting classes in the past and having won awards, Balentine hashed out a terrific screenplay for the movie.

Ironically, Vervoort was made aware of a doppelganger by a friend of his. He contacted Jerad Stroscher who is a dead ringer though he is a decade younger. After a brief conversation, Jerad was on a plane from Naches Washington to Nashville TN where Vervoort picked him up and put him in the teaser as his younger brother. They will be working together as lead characters in the movie. With Vervoort's 14 years experience in the industry, hell work closely with Stroscher to adapt his role.

A "stalker reel" is near completion of shooting as a short film to further entertain people while movie production takes place.

We will keep you up to date on this one.

The teaser trailer looks really good and can be watched by CLICKING HERE, which will also take you to the Facebook page of THE BEAST OF LBL.
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