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SILVER BULLET Is Coming To Collector's Edition Blu-ray!

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With the upcoming FLY Collection coming to Blu-ray from Scream Factory, fans can not only look for that, but also yet another classic as Stephen Kin'gs SILVER BULLET is getting the Scream Factory Collector's Edition treatment.

At this time, no special features have not been announced.

"In Stephen King's thrilling adaptation of his novelette, Cycle Of The Werewolf, a peaceful town is suddenly terrorized by a maniacal killer. The townsfolk think a madman is on the loose, but a wheelchair-bound 13-year-old (Corey Haim, The Lost Boys) knows the truth ... a werewolf is on the hunt. With the help of his Uncle Red (Gary Busey, Lethal Weapon), young Marty Coslaw sets out to stop the half-man/half-beast before he sinks his teeth into another innocent victim. Now, time is ticking ... and the full moon is about to rise.

SILVER BULLET is coming to Collectors Edition Blu-ray on December 17th.
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