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know anything about "BAGHEAD"?

Guess this just came out on DVD but I've never heard of it . .. can anybody fill me in?

Have you seen it and would it be worth a view?

"This extremely indie horror/comedy appears to be quite the oddity of cinema, which is probably why I’m so eager to check it out. Following four characters who head off to a cabin in an attempt to make the movie that will propel them to stardom, they soon find that their proposed movie about a killer with a bag on his head has become a reality. The audience response has been very mixed, but it has mostly potive reviews."
DaShape Tuesday 12/30/2008 at 06:48 PM | 30100
Never heard of it....
kweandee Tuesday 12/30/2008 at 08:02 PM | 30104
From what I know I wouldnt support it. The film makers gave their 'style" of filming some bullshit name but its bacally a bunch of rich film school elitists making a movie with shitty cameras and no sound equipment to brag about how they can make a successful horror film while not putting any effort into it. JEEZ i WISH I had a link or something. I read about this film months ago in NEW YORK magazine which if anyone has read that magazine you know the general snobbish stance it takes. Bacally the film serves to mock indie horror but its not done in a lovable know what I mean? I'll watch and support a horror film that satirizes some of the trappings and cliches of indie horror films IF it were made by someone coming from that scene. As over the top as it is in a way "Gutterballs" by Ryan Nicholson is kinda like that.

Quick story...last Halloween I got to meet Eli Roth and see him give a short seminar at a screening of Hostel (followed by a short film fest). My buddy and I went and we expected a killer turn out of horror fans. Well on a line of about 100 people I saw maybe a dozen folks with MANIAC or HALLOWEEN t shirts (ie horror fans). The rest were all snobby film students who didnt give two shits about horror. They just wanted to take a crack at it to show how more elite they are or how they can make horror "artistic". All these "horror film makers" that showed up were a bunch of jaded film grads who knew NOTHING about horror history....they were all snob "ar-TEESTS" who wanted to make it big. All they had to offer up was some weak "satyrical" comedy-horrors (which Im CK of).

Anyway...Im ranting....back to BAGHEAD....purposefully crappy made comedy-horror that thumbs the elitist nose against horror.......I pray they be haunted by the spirit of FRANK ZITO!!!!!!
ny ghoul Monday 1/05/2009 at 03:44 AM | 30972
heres director Mark Duplass being asked about his "film"

HM: Did you draw any inspiration from particular horror films for the horror portions of the film?

MD: I wish I could find a way to say this without sounding pretentious, but Jay and I try not to draw from films. The truth is the major aesthetic of this film drew more from the way Judd Apatow and John Cassavetes shoot their movies — surround yourselves with friends.

Baghead is a little bit of a backlash to modern torture horror movies. Horror films have gotten to a place where they’re gross, mean and shocking, but not necessarily scary. We wanted to break it down to its more mple form and see if we could get some good scares out of it.

well excuuuuuuse me!

John Cassavetes is becoming more and more of an appeciated legend of modern film making....but what does he or Judd Apatow have to do with horror? and while Duplass has a point to an extent on some modern we need his non-horror ass to set things straight with an ULTRA LOW FI COMEDY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! F' this film people....seriously.
ny ghoul Monday 1/05/2009 at 03:55 AM | 30973