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Fun with Google Maps LOL.

What can we find with Google Maps? Hmmmmmm

I hope nobody needs to explain this to you . . .

When this drunken Ause was shaken awake by police he prayed none of the neighbors had seen him collapsed on the curb. Unfortunately millions could gaze at his slumped form. For at the moment he passed out, Google's Street View camera car was filming in that corner of Melbourne. And the man - identified only as Bill, 46, - is not happy. The fisherman who had been drowning his sorrows at a funeral, said: "I wasn't thinking there would be someone driving by with a camera."

This is a picture from Google Maps from somewhere in Holland that looks suspiciously clone-stamped (see the milar looking light colored treetops?). So, Google -- what're you trying to hide, and why? Inquiring minds want to know.

A Google cartographer, weary from driving around in the Street View van all day, decided that, instead of actually mapping streets, he'd swing by Del Taco and pick up some tortilla wrapped deliciousness.

This is a Google Maps Street View of what is allegedly a Porsche prototype being tested in Colorado. The other pictures are of several different cars, all being covered as the Google Street View van rolls by soliciting children with the promise of free Chupa Chups. And, as a special added bonus, there's a Street View image of some woman peeing behind a car in Madrid, Spain.
DaShape Monday 1/05/2009 at 07:59 PM | 31062
LMAO...the last one is too funny

kweandee Wednesday 1/07/2009 at 12:52 AM | 31228
Google Maps Van hits Deer?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAH and records the whole thing

The Google employee had to have known that they hit the deer but the more interesting thought is why did they proceed to upload the images? Is Google that determined to be the first to map the roads by street view that they don't care what goes live on their te?

Based on some of the other stuff I've seen on Street View, it's pretty obvious Google doesn't care what goes live -- or dead! Zing!

UPDATE: Google has responded and states "the deer was able to move and had left the area by the time the police arrived". So yeah, go Bambi! Hit the links to see a couple more graphic pictures if you're a real cko.
DaShape Tuesday 2/03/2009 at 04:27 PM | 34213