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The Collector's Hall of Fame has really taken off nce it's reinstatement in the forum. In fact, it's going over so well and filling up so fast that we are afraid that the value of having an item voted into the Hall of Fame would be watered down or lose meaning. In an attempt to slow things down a bit and to increase the value of a Hall of Fame items, the Mods here at HorrorBid have decided to enforce an entry limit.

All members are allowed 5 entries into each category of the Collector's Hall of Fame at any given time. If a member's entry gets 50 votes it is entered into the Hall of Fame allowing that member to enter another piece from their collection to maintain 5 items if they so choose. In other words, if you have a large collection and wish to enter more than 5 items you must wait until one of your pieces gets voted into the HOF (or rejected) before adding a new piece. Remember, 5 entries per category.

Also, if a member feels their entry is not getting enough votes over a long period of time they can remove that piece and enter a new piece.

As of 1/11/09 if a member has more than 5 items entered into any category they are grandfathered in and do not have to remove the current items they have entered. However, any other items exceeding 5 entries after 1/11/09 will be deleted from the Hall of Fame until that member has an available spot.
lblambert Saturday 1/10/2009 at 02:42 AM | 31597