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"8 Films to Die For" arrive on DVD March 31st

Arriving on DVD March 31st from Lionsgate Home Entertainment are all of After Dark Films' "8 Films to Die For". The full box set and individual release include the limited releases movies: THE BROKEN, SLAUGHTER, PERKINS 14, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT REVELATION, FROM WITHIN, DYING BREED, AUTOPSY and VOICES. Extras include featurettes, Webisodes and commentaries. The third annual After Dark Horrorfest is now ongoing in limited theaters across the country

DaShape Thursday 1/15/2009 at 01:24 AM | 32018
anyone see any of these the only one I was intrested in this year was dying breed but nce the last two years sucked balls I told em' they cans uck mine and did not see any of em'.
DWN Productions Thursday 1/29/2009 at 01:07 PM | 33611
The Butterfly Effect was a crap. Don't know what they think putting Gere in a movie liek this... Agreed with DWN, Dying Breed it's cool, and I'd like to see The Broken too.
L√úCKMANN Tuesday 2/03/2009 at 11:07 AM | 34184