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HATCHET 2 Teaser Poster Click Here

From the mouth of director Adam Green:

"The teaser poster is legit, but is something we've had on our ArieScope te and MySpace pages for a month or more now," Green tells us. "HATCHET is Anchor Bay's highest selling original title of all time at this point and the sequel is definitely going to happen without a doubt."

"Hopefully it gets made this year if we can schedule it in a way that works for me. The only reason a production date has not been agreed upon is because clearly everyone in the HATCHET camp wants to do it at a time when I can be the one to return at the helm, and as you can see from the multitude of projects I am already doing (GRACE, his script for D.C.'s animated AQUAMAN film, FROZEN, GOD ONLY KNOWS, and a TV pilot he's creating for Nickelodeon with Jack Black's company Electric Dynamite), it's going to take some very careful planning and scheduling to find a time where I am available to make the film."

"Contractually, I can't commit to HATCHET 2 right at this moment and it is all because of scheduling, but ArieScope Pictures (his company) and Anchor Bay are hard at work figuring it out," Green continues. "Should we all decide that the film cannot wait any longer - I will pass the torch to a different writer/director for HATCHET 2, but nobody involved wants to even discuss that scenario just yet."

"It was the fans that turned HATCHET into the success that it was - and the fans only. We were a tiny indie film and therefore our theatrical run didn't get TV commercials, a distributor who pummeled money behind adverting it on 2,000 screens, or any of the stuff that the studio films get. HATCHET became a best seller because of the horror fans who embraced it and the critics worldwide who made so much noise about it. So understand that if I am at the helm, I am not about to just make the sequel in the spare time around my other projects and not give the fans all I can. I am currently in Utah starting pre-production on FROZEN, but we are still in constant discusons with Anchor Bay trying to figure out a plan that works for HATCHET 2. Projects push and post-pone all of the time, so a time could present itself this year much sooner rather than later." He continues, "It's just the nature of the buness and I am gratefully a filmmaker who happens to have projects moving forward in many different genres. But rest assured that there will be a sequel coming down the road. As horror fans know, when a genre film makes money, the distributor most always makes a sequel. When a film becomes a studio's most successful title, there is absolutely no question that they will make a sequel."
DaShape Tuesday 1/20/2009 at 04:06 AM | 32704
i just hope some shitbag doesnt take over and ruin it.
Swimming~In~Blood Tuesday 1/20/2009 at 07:13 PM | 32745
TekNik Thursday 1/29/2009 at 11:42 PM | 33685
Im not expecting much from this.
ny ghoul Friday 1/30/2009 at 04:21 AM | 33722
Oh, I'm all for it. Man, let's think potive! It's a sequel and not another damned remake. We have to give it a chance, I think.
L√úCKMANN Tuesday 2/03/2009 at 11:03 AM | 34183