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"GEARS OF WAR" movie trilogy in the works!!!!

Gears of War is one of my favorite games on the 360 so it was exciting to find out the following:

After chatting a bit about where the Underworld franchise will be going, Wisemen revealed to Bloody-Disgusting that he’s directing an adaptation to GEARS OF WAR, which is he co-writing with Chris Morgan (Wanted, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious).

“I’m writing Gears Of War with Chris Morgan, who wrote Wanted,” he tells BD before explaining that he wasn’t much of a gamer until he saw GOW in his movie Live Free Or Die Hard.

“I suck at video games, it just takes me too long and I can’t get the coordination of ‘em. When I was on

Die Hard, I had to choose some video game for the background in a scene with Kevin Smith. I was shown about a dozen games and told to ‘Choose one to be in the background’ and I said ‘this one looks really, really cool whatever it is,’ and it was Gears Of War. I just really connected with it; the degn of it the world, the whole thing. So I actually brought an Xbox 360 to start researching what it was.”

For the first time ever, Wiseman talked about his plans for adapting the franchise.

“It’s going to be much more

science fiction de of it than the creature de of it. I’ve always been much more of a sci-fi action fan than a horror fan,” he reveals also explaining that he wants the scope of the film to be told over the course of three films! “The hope is that were wanting to do a three movies and really cover the bases on everything. Bacally a harder edged Lord Of The Rings.”

While Wiseman doesn’t say the films will be in 3-D, he does admit that he’s interesting in the new technology. “Yeah, I think about

quite a bit,” he continues, “the more and more I get involved with these movies and the bigger they are the more you rely on CG effects to help you out. And you can do it properly; I’ve been a big fan of practical work and still am, it’s finding a way to incorporate them together.”

In the Gears Of War video games you take on the role of Marcus Fenix a disgraced war hero, who is taking on the Locus Hordes along de his longtime friend Dom Santiago, who frees Marcus from a penitentiary where he was left to die in the beginning of Gears Of War 1. Marcus immediately rejoins the army to take on the Locust. In Gears 2, the Locust are taking down the cities of Sera from deep underground, and it's up to Marcus, Dom, and their friends and partners from Gears 1, Augustus "Cole Train" Cole, and Damon Baird to stop them.
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Probably wont do it right
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