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F13th Remake Hood Sculpt Pics

Hi everyone. I heard that this was a good spot to post anything about the J-man. Heres a sculpture for a hood I just did for Darkde Studio. I sculpted the back and traps down a little lower on this so anyone wearing it or displaying with it can tuck it into a shirt much eaer and get the dered look. I'll be making one up for myself as soon as I get a casting. I'll post pics soon and also watch for it very soon for sale through Darkde Studio! Seeya,JB
FeaturedCreature Saturday 1/31/2009 at 07:17 PM | 33892
The hood looks great! Can't wait to see one after Paul's finished it.

Welcome to HB Jeremy...there's a lot of love for your work over here!
lblambert Saturday 1/31/2009 at 07:34 PM | 33894
Jeremy it is literally an honor to have you with us here. I can not say enough great things about your work and every piece that I have owned of yours is outstanding. This is shaping up to be great hood, I look forward to picking one of these up from Paul. Also wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow we are doing a 13 day countdown to the new F-13 that will include an excluve HorrorBid interview with Derek Mears as well as a new remake hock unveiled and a big contest. So everyone get geared up its going to be a fun couple of weeks.

Thanks again Jeremy, hope to see you around often and please let us know if you ever need anything!
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Saturday 1/31/2009 at 07:40 PM | 33896
great hood and i look forward to the countdown.
oldskool Saturday 1/31/2009 at 08:02 PM | 33897
is this the jeremy bohr? your work is amazing and i am def gonna pick up one of these hoods.

pamelavoorheesRIP Saturday 1/31/2009 at 10:23 PM | 33901
The hood is epic win and I am for sure looking forward to the countdown!
GrampaGruesome Saturday 1/31/2009 at 10:34 PM | 33902
Very cool. The sculpt looks great man.
quietonthesetstudios Saturday 1/31/2009 at 10:45 PM | 33903
Jeremy Bohr kicks ass!

I have only one question for Jeremy:

Why aren't you selling

masks through the Featured creatures te anymore? Cause your work really kicks ass!
Klempo Saturday 1/31/2009 at 11:52 PM | 33908
nice work. cant wait to see how much these are.
sausagecake Sunday 2/01/2009 at 12:14 AM | 33910
I am a big Jeremy Bohr fan alsoLooks great man can't wait to see it finished .. I love Jeremy's sculpting style everything is so clean looking ..

maskmaniac Sunday 2/01/2009 at 12:17 AM | 33911
Wow, thanks for the warm welcome guys! To answer some questions: I don't sell masks directly any longer because I went back to work for the family buness and I am out of town all the time for work. This makes it imposble for me to take orders and fill them on time. It also pisses my wife off when I spend all my time working when home

I'm pretty sure Paul will be pricing the hoods below $100.00 when they go into production. Thanks again and If I get a chance to do anything more before I leave I'll post some pics. BTW... Is there anything that hasn't been done that you guys would like to see as a mask? I'm always interested to see what people are looking for. I can't guarantee that I'll ever do it but, it seems someone invariably lists something I never would have thought of in those kind of threads. Best,JB
FeaturedCreature Sunday 2/01/2009 at 01:47 AM | 33920
If you're taking requests I'd definitely ask for another run of your Victor Crowley mask.

You did a fantastic job of it and I missed out on it dagnabbit!!
lblambert Sunday 2/01/2009 at 01:51 AM | 33922
If you're taking requests I'd definitely ask for another run of your Victor Crowley mask.

You did a fantastic job of it and I missed out on it dagnabbit

the Crowley mask was ck! But if your looking for something new, what about a Henrietta bust or mask from Evil Dead. Putting my selfish love for Evil Dead ade

I really think that would be something different that fans would eat up....

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Sunday 2/01/2009 at 02:07 AM | 33924
Well, looks like I will have to pick one of these up too.lolol Great, great sculpt bro.I gotta have one of these.I absolutley love the fact that you sculpted it that far down to the chest, and even has the spinal area.awesome!!! I look forward to seeing the final product.The paintwork will seal the deal.
wickedbeard Sunday 2/01/2009 at 09:31 AM | 33973
New? Maybe some kind of a monster from the H.P. Lovcraft stories with tentacles.
Klempo Sunday 2/01/2009 at 11:19 AM | 33987
kick ass hood, i am def picking one of these up with the hockey mask i win.

dqd1985 Sunday 2/01/2009 at 06:25 PM | 34008
sculpt is looking good jB, excellent job!
Capnvlad Sunday 2/01/2009 at 07:52 PM | 34036
any progress on this hood?
wickedbeard Monday 2/09/2009 at 09:21 PM | 35091
Don't know if this has been made before, but if you're taking requests, I'd love to see a "Get that damn screwdriver out of my head" zombie from Return of the Living Dead 2.
Snoballz Thursday 2/12/2009 at 02:53 AM | 35446
There's a copy listed on that other place...

Here's a pic

chubacabra Thursday 2/12/2009 at 03:17 PM | 35489
Plus, I'd love to see a Grant from Slither or something from the original Evil Dead
chubacabra Thursday 2/12/2009 at 03:33 PM | 35490