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Did Lionsgate Mishap Confirm Dr. Gordon's Return in SAW VI ?

From Bloody-Disgusting:

We had been hearing heavy rumors that Cary Elwes would be returning as Dr. Gordon in both the Saw videogame and in Lionsgate's forthcoming Saw VI. While we learned that the studio changes the film depending on what type of news leaks, we decided to keep a safe distance from that rumor -- until now. This evening Xbox Live featured Saw V on their platform for download, only the plot description wasn't for the fifth film by David Hackl. Read on for the interesting synops.

B-D reader 'JayKah' writes into Bloody-Disgusting. "Today on Xbox Live Saw V was featured, but for the description of the movie it said:

'One man. One plan. One foot. Yes, the doctor is in! With a strange twist of fate and a revengeful plot, get ready for the most anticipated event of Saw. Face your fears at his operating table. Know that no one is safe from his ckness. Chills and screams are his true pleasure. on...and Blood? You'll be drenched in it.' "

Who else could they be talking about? It's obviously the return of Dr. Lawrence Gordon. The question remains, did Lionsgate accidently send out the synops for the game, or for Saw VI? We'll dig and try and find out more, but until then, check out the video below as evidence.

Now I would first think this is a LONG stretch except for the one phrase, 'One man. One plan. One foot.'

What does that mean???

I wouldn't think Lionsgate would make such a HUGE mistake but you never know.

I think bringing Dr. Gordon would be good for the franchise with SAW V feeling like more like just a bridge to get us from IV to VI instead of a stand alone film.
DaShape Wednesday 2/18/2009 at 04:44 PM | 36428
I always wanted to see Dr.Gordon return to the series.
Michael Aspinwall Wednesday 2/25/2009 at 10:02 PM | 37594