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man .vs. food

today seth(aka halloweenkiller) and i coven(aka condemned1) went

to cheeburger cheeburger

and decided to do the 20 oz cheeseburger challenge.mainly cause weve been watching man vs food.well we get our burgers . this is how they made them. - Twisted MySpace layouts & stickers

they have five pieces of cheese plus whatever we added to them.we start less than five minutes and seth is down to his last piece.on man vs food when they had the meat pizza challenge the guy got the meat sweats.well seth got the meat sweats and i started laughing and for about five minutes straight seth laughs.finally after that minor delay he finishes.i finished not to far from that.but

meat sweats is when you consume a large amout of meat and begin to its not a as adam richman would say man vs food man wins.seth and coven prevail." class="photoborder" />
condemned1 Monday 2/23/2009 at 02:07 AM | 37100