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More SCREAM 4 rumors

RopesOflicon received an anonymous email which contained a screenshot from the William Morris Agency Intranet (bacally, the internal internet of Hollywood’s top talent agency). The screenshot shows a company email announcing that original Scream scribe Kevin Williamson has gned on to script a new trilogy of Scream films for The Weinstein Co. It should be noted that we’re not sure if this is real or fake, but we’ve heard rumblings for some time that The Weinstein Co wanted to make another Scream film. But three Scream films? Especially in this down economy? You never know, horror always sells — look at how much Lionsgate makes off the Saw franchise year after year. But for right now lets mark this as rumor. Source: Slashfilm

Hmmmm, I'm still going to say rumor also however getting the man (William Morris) who penned the first screenplay isn't a bad thing at all.

My only concern is, will this be a sequel or a reboot (remake for Bisco)?

Honestly, if they remake a film that came out in the 90s . . . . at that point in my mind Hollywood is getting too desperate.
DaShape Tuesday 2/24/2009 at 05:40 PM | 37368
Kevin Williamson wrote the original, and sequal. William Morris is the agency. The 1st SCREAM was good, I thought. 2nd was just OK. 3rd, I thought was better then the 2nd.
SithLord Thursday 2/26/2009 at 08:33 AM | 37692