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TONS of on set photo's of H2 (yes, you do see Tyler)

The Black Bunny has a TON of on set pics and vids.

They've got Tyler and Zombie (no, you don't see Tyler in costume).

This is getting me more excited!

Check it out here
DaShape Saturday 2/28/2009 at 05:03 PM | 38005
The pictures look great, I'm so excited for this!!!
Michael Aspinwall Saturday 2/28/2009 at 05:31 PM | 38012
I'm so glad Tyler Mane came back to reprise the role of Myers.

I hope Derek Mears does the same with Jason.

I'm getting pumped for both sequels and there still far off.

But I cant help it.
Insomniac Sunday 3/01/2009 at 03:00 PM | 38097