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I have been wanting to see this film nce the first trailers came out on youtube. Theatre release dates constantly changed and came and went. When I went to see TWILIGHT a few months back I saw a promo poster again

for THE POUGHKEEPE TAPES.....last week when I went to see F13 it was gone. I have it from good sources that the film is being held back because it may be more economically senble for this to be a straight to dvd release.

Anyway my friend bought a bootleg copy of it and we finally got to see it. I dont know what cut or edit this is.

THE POUGHKEEPE TAPES is a lot like the program that set up THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. I think it was on the sci fi channel...anyway it was the one that had all the interviews with towns-folk; police; "experts" etc. I actually liked this better than the actual film. So anyway TPT is essentially the same. Its like a documentary about this killer in Poughkeepe NY and we get to see interviews with law authorities; profilers; victim's families and we get to see the tapes/evidence.

Theres not much by way of gore....but rather whats shown on the tapes is even more disturbing. It is violent; depraved; deeply sad and haunting. You'll want to check your locks and turn on the lights after this one. Overall most of the parts with the killer were well done and if anything its an experience but for me it ends there. I like even my most violent movies to be....well....movies. It may sound weird but horror movies even the REAL fucked ones are still an escape for me. TPT is more like a reality check and to me? i see it on the news every night and read about it in the papers everyday. Its a reality check to how shitty life can be for many families. This film has no marketability for American audiences because it presses too many western taboos...mainly those revolved around family and children. The acting was HORRIBLE and the film came across very amateurish as far as some of the tes that were used to film and the actual script dialogue was for the birds. I think this flick is destined for straight to dvd....its a downer. Not a film to get stoked over seeing. Dont believe the hype!!!!!

SPOILER ALERT theres a deeply disturbing scene where a little girl is snatched (you see it) and then we hear the mom's frantic call to 911 and later the grieving parents having to be told about how their little girl was raped and killed.......its up to you if you want to deal with that. There is also a 10 month old killed.
ny ghoul Monday 3/02/2009 at 01:48 AM | 38154