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SPFXMasks/HorrorBid Exclusive Offer Announced

For those of you awaiting some details about the SPFXMasks/HorrorBid Excluve offer, here are some details! We saved the best details in this thread for last.

More to come soon...

1. The mask will be based on something in our current line-up. We don't customize every mask, however these will all be customized. We will likely give you 3 options, which will be determined by an HB poll coming soon. An Inbred w/ clown paint? A pink vampire you say? If that's what you guys want, we'll make it happen. We think it's better to let you decide what excluve(s) you'd like.

2. Our associate who works for us and is running this offer excluvely through his own collection, will handle all shipping, questions and concerns. You can contact him through this te. Please do not email Rusty Slusser w/ questions concerning this offer. However any general questions, or orders not associated in part w/ this offer, can still be directed to Rusty Slusser and/or this PM address. Our associate works for SPFX, and is happy to answer any questions in regards to any SPFXMasks or RealU product.

3. Once we start making our list of buyers, we will begin producing the masks. No money will be collected until the masks are in our associates hands from the SPFX shop and ready to ship. Our associate is a collector, and knows the headaches paying in advance and waiting can sometimes be. But that is part of our hobby after all when you're dealing w/ made to order items. But nce the stock is from his personal collection, advanced funds are not needed to produce the masks. Your mask will ship one buness day after your payment has cleared via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking and insurance.

4. We would like to offer at least 10 of these, however the number will be determined by how many people are interested. We can produce more, but some people will have to wait longer than others. The maximum number of these we'd like to offer is 30. However the final numbers will be determined by you; not us. We may only sell 13 pink Vampires and 10 Carnival Inbreds, for a grand total of 23.

5. Occaonally an excluve that is different from the rest(but is still part of the 30 total mask that will be offered), will be offered here on this te and will be available for purchase immediately. These will likely be haired excluves. They will cost more, however you will still save a lot from the retail price. Hair greatly increases the costs of the final product, and is haired and glued by a leading Hollywood specialist.

6. As I'm sure you know, our standard non-haired masks retail for $589 and $689 respectively, along w/ shipping costs. However this excluve will not be priced at our standard prices. They will be lower We will set the terms in the near future, but expect your mask to be shipped free and to save at least $75 - $100. Please remember that many of our customized masks sell for higher than our standard masks as well, so you are saving additional money there as well. The haired excluves, expect to save at least $200. Once again, this will not be offered to any other forum or te. We have no plans to lower our catalog prices. The materials and labor are very high, and most industry profesonals(many of which who work w/ us from time to time) can not believe we sell our masks for as low as we do. However we don't think it's much of a special opportunity unless we can offer you something unique and save you some money.

7. There will also be a special drawing held by HorrorBid, in which at least one winner will receive an additional $100 off coupon towards his or her HB Excluve Mask purchase. This coupon is only good for purchang an HB Excluve mask through our associate and must be redeemed before the offer ends(that will be announced at a later date).

Once again, this is being done by SPFX and one of our associates. This is his stock and all sales will be handled through him. We together are pasng this deal, along w/ the HorrorBid staff, onto you. Any questions or concerns will also be handled by him via this PM, until one is announced.

-SPFX Tuesday 3/03/2009 at 09:30 PM | 38402
Now this is a freak'n sweet deal we've got going on right here.

Can't wait for the pics!!!

DaShape Saturday 3/07/2009 at 05:30 PM | 38873