Again thanks for the support, I got a lot of emails and to get back to everyone is tough I have tried my best though.

Anyway to answer your questions on CGP, if you want a REFUND from Cemetery Gate Productions you need to contact Chris at:

He will take care of you....also to answer other questions as far as masks from CGP. I have nothing to do with CGP Projects and havent for months.

He's free to make any Mask he wants.

I wonder what that certain mask would of looked like?

Oh yeah my web te is now up again.


Much More to come...

As far as people contacting me about the 30th Anv mask I have no comments about that project.... Again if anyone wants a Refund contact Chris now, this would be the time to do it or you can just wait it out, hope this helps answer some questions.

Good luck guys.......
JayAllan Thursday 3/26/2009 at 11:21 PM | 41030
thanks for chiming in Jay and clearing that up

i think too many people had your issue and the 30 year mask issue confused
Johnny Bisco Thursday 3/26/2009 at 11:43 PM | 41036
For real. People need to contact me, ASAP. There's still about 4-5 people who ordered a JA 75. You guys WON'T be getting that mask, because the project has been scrapped. All's you can do now is get your money back. But don't wait to do it. 3-6 months from now, when you don't have your mask, it'll be to late to file suit.
SithLord Friday 3/27/2009 at 12:09 AM | 41043
I hope you get your mask back Jay.
DrenTheLiar Friday 3/27/2009 at 12:18 AM | 41047
I hope you get your mask back Jay.

I second that!
Harry Warden Friday 3/27/2009 at 12:36 AM | 41049
I know next to nothing about mask restoration and foam filling, but if I were responble for that finished product I would have been ashamed to even send it back to you, recast or not.

It looks like a balloon was overinflated inde of it, and the finish work is horrible.

I hope you get this whole tuation taken care of.
gummi Friday 3/27/2009 at 01:06 AM | 41055