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The Official How to Make a Halloween Myers Display

Thought I would Share how to make a Display bust.

How to make a Halloween 1 Bust

Hot Glue Gun, Fruit of the Loom Tag Less Black Tshirt washed a couple of times. Coveralls of your choice ( I prefer the Vintage green herringbone dyed to match H1 or Charcoal big macs dyed ung Ritz Dye, Green and Black mixed). Hand held jigsaw, Killz water based latex primer. Krylon Coral H20 Latex spray pain. Pint of Satin finish Flesh colored water based latex paint (Got mine at Lowes, Make sure you tell them water based latex paint. You dont want

oil based). Foam paint brush. 2 Fine sand paper brick. Display Bust from this link (
href=" )


1 - Cut a square hole in the bottom of the display leaving about 1 inch border. 2 - Sand foam display lightly to remove any debris 3 - Ung foam brush paint on Killz primer. Once you have plenty of Killz on the bust, Rinse your brush out and let it dry. 4 - Let Primer dry, Then sand lightly 5 - Once primer is dry and you have completed a light sanding, Spray on Krylon, May take 2 or 3 light coats. Lightly sand in between coats, (Be careful not to spray on too much in one area or too close, This could cause it to run. Which would cause you to sand more than you want) 6 - Paint on your flesh colored water based latex. This will be done in three coats and you must let it dry in between coats. Go do something else, Dont watch paint dry.7 - Once paint is dry and you are happy with the results, Potion the Black T on the bust where you want it. This part can be tricky. Hold the bust up with out moving the placement of the T shirt. Cut the bottom of the T shirt off leaving about 4 inches of over hang. 8 - The rest is going to be a little bit of a pain, and is really tough to explain, You will have to tack the clothing with the hot glue on the bottom of the bust and fold over the bottom into the hole you cut out in Step 1. This will be done e section at a time. Do the front and then the back first. Attempt the des after. You must do this for the coveralls as well. It is a pain staking task and you may ruin the coverall the first time. Remember cut a little at a time. If cut too much you cant go back. There will be a series of folds on the des. Make sure your folds face to the back. Trial and error before you cut.

The end result can look like this

Hope this helps those who want to to tackle something fun and challenging" class="photoborder" />
Matthew Mayhem Friday 3/27/2009 at 08:28 PM | 41165