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Fritt vilt 1&2 aka Cold prey 1&2 (Norway)

Here we have another great movies from Norwegians Fritt vilt 1 & 2. I must say that I was quite enjoying those two movies. They are both very good made. If you like movies like TCM, Friday the 13th or Halloween you are probably going to like this movies. Probably.I would give 6-7/10

Anyway here you have trailers for both:

Frit vilt imdb:
href=""> trailer:

Fritt vilt 2 imdb:
href=""> trailer:
href=""> ... re=related
Klempo Sunday 3/29/2009 at 11:24 PM | 41249
I watched the first one (w/o subs or dubs) and I did not care for it.

I also did the same with the host and thats probably in my top 3 monster movies.
DWN Productions Thursday 4/02/2009 at 03:34 AM | 41598