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My Best friend Died Today

Today I am in morning over the loss of my best friend of 6 years. When i stood up and heard the shatter i knew it was all over and I killed him. It was you average drive to hobby lobby with my buddy along de me helping me taste the sweetness freedbrings. We reach our destination and I open the car door and just like a anxious dog in the car ready to get out as soon as I stood up it was all over and my glow in the dark chillum was gone forever.

I have had it for 6 years and after the first year it has exceeded any expectations I had for it.

6 years is a very long life in chillum years and no doubt it will be missed it will never be forgotten.

It has brought more than 1 smile to my face alonf with many others to my friends and family.

Thankfully before he was murdered he was able to have a staring role as the meth pipe in DWN Productions upcoming "Race War".

So by the grace of God we were able to imortalize him forever.

God Bless you glow int he dark chillum God bless you and God speed.


-Uncle Tom
DWN Productions Monday 3/30/2009 at 03:39 PM | 41307
Sorry to hear about your loss.

I too have suffered the loss of loved ones who have left my life too soon.

I've only been with my latest buddy for only a few months, after the sudden death of my last one (he jumped to his death).

I foresee a great future for me and my new friend.

Hopefully, you too will find a new friend to fill the void.

Maybe you have some old friends that can console you in your time of need?
Snoballz Monday 3/30/2009 at 04:29 PM | 41312
while I do have a friend in my back corned I feel I might not be able to get on with life... but lets remember the good times.
DWN Productions Monday 3/30/2009 at 05:11 PM | 41313
In other news, I rescued a toad tonight from hopping into the road as I was putting the rubbish bin out. I have a large garden and put it in there. I'm sure my place in heaven is now secured.
Sourfacedbastard Tuesday 3/31/2009 at 08:49 PM | 41418
sorry bro!truly sorry.
condemned1 Wednesday 4/01/2009 at 02:39 AM | 41458
mother fucker killed frogger!
DWN Productions Thursday 4/02/2009 at 03:35 AM | 41599