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Scottie that use to MOD here way back when we opened asked me to post this and I am more than happy too. This is for a great cause and if you can help out please do. We will be working out the details as far as HorrorBid auctions go and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Scottie directly.

Here is the information....

What we've raised in the past:

'07: $1338.08


'09 Goal:$2000

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pledge and when can I make one? A: A pledge is mply proming to donate and/or sell a certain item(s) you wish to donate when the auction begins. Pledges are being taken as of today. The list of pledges will be kept on this thread and will be updated accordingly. To make a pledge, you can either post on this thread or PM me your name and the item(s) you intend to sell when the auction begins.

Q: What items can I donate? A: Horror and Halloween items. This can include masks, stands, cases, dvds, cds, posters, props, models, busts, action figures, pictures and any other related horror or movie memorabilia. Artists can also offer their services. If you have an item that is not horror related, but you feel it can sell in the auction and help the cause, please PM me w/ the details. The most important thing to remember about donating an item is making sure it will be able to sell via auction.

Q: Can I donate money? A: Yes. Money can be donated directly to MAW via their webte. When the auction begins, the donation information will be made available. You will also receive a tax receipt from them for your own purposes. If you wish to pledge money, you can do so at any time by sending me a PM and the amount you intend to donate when the auction begins. I will then add you to our list of donations. **Money will not be personally excepted by myself or anyone else associated w/ the auction**

Q: How and where will the auctions run? A: You will have 3 ways to run an auction.

Option 1: The first method is through the te. Place your auction in the clasfieds, choose your starting price, and run the auction for 7 days. You can also run a "BUY ME NOW" ad if you have a set price in mind, or mply attach that feature to your auction.

All bids must be posted publicly. The highest bid at the end of 7 days wins the item(s). Once your auction is completed, please record the information and the total you received for your item(s), and PM me the information. Then mark the thread as "Auction Closed - Please Delete", so that the MODs know what clasfieds can be deleted; please don't make their job any harder than it already is. The winning bid will NOT include shipping costs. All shipping questions should be made via PM directly to the seller. Please remember to add the words, MAW Auction Item, in your clasfied ad heading. If there are any discrepancies, please PM myself and I will help to work out the matter. If there is a more severe problem, I will contact a MOD for asstance.Option 2: The second option is to list your item on an auction te such as eBay. If you're selling your item via eBay, list your item as you normally would. I'm also going to see if Horrorbid would like to be involved.

Option 3: Your third option is to ship your item(s) to another member and have them sell the donation on your behalf. If you would like to take this option, you must independently find a seller to auction your donation. Due to some problems in the past w/ this process, we will no longer be encouraging this method because we have trouble tracking the sales and some donated items disappeared. It's hard to imagine that anyone would steal from an auction for MAW, but it has happened unfortunately. Unless you have known the person you are entrusting to run your auction for you, we encourage you to run your own auction either here or on an auction webte.

Q: When can I run my auction? A: Your auction may be run anytime that is convenient for you as long as it is within the auction time. Most likely, we will have a 2 week period in which the auctions may take place. This period will start in late September or early October. As long as our auction begins before the final day of the auction, you will be fine.GENERAL MESSAGE

Hello everyone. As some of you may know, I have run an auction for the Make-A-Wish Foundation on for the past two years during the fall. The general idea is that members donate money and/or items to the cause. You can find out more information about MAW at

While we have raised some money there, we could do a lot better. While we did very good the first year, we couldn't generate much interest for the auction last year, and so I felt I needed to move the auction to another board where we would receive more support; perhaps one we'd have more administrative support as well. This is also the only board now I frequent in my personal time. Justin is also the only mask-maker I do buness w/ anymore. This board is also run pretty smoothly; especially compared to others. So I felt Night Owl would be a good place to move the auction to. I pitched the idea to Justin today, and he was all for it. I believe this is a better over-all environment for such an endeavor. We may even link up w/ a te or two, but as of right now the plan is to keep everything in house. The auction will not be until the fall, so there is time to work out the particulars.

I want to say thank you to Justin for allowing myself and everyone who will be involved to raise money for this great cause. This is not, nor will it ever be, a one man show. It truly has to be an effort by an entire community to make this project work; whether it be individual members, companies or artists.Some of you who know me know this is a very personable cause to me, and I am asking for the help of anyone who can pitch in to asst in this auction. Charitable donations are down due to current world economic troubles, and charities are one of the things that suffer the most. I think this year more than ever, we need to make this auction a success.While I know many of you, there are also many members here I have never had an opportunity to talk w/ before. Due to the seemingly never ending line of scams that take place in this hobby, I want it to be clear that in both of my previous auctions(which will also apply to this auction), I will never accept any goods or money on behalf of Make-A-Wish. Any donated items are sold by the member who donated them or by folks he/she choose to run the auction for them. Just as in cash donations, after your item sells, you will donate that money directly to MAW. They will send you a receipt for your donation, which you can use for tax purposes. I never lay one finger on any item or a dime. All you have to do is report to me the amount of what your item sold for, or what your cash donation was.

I will post more details very soon. I will list the many ways you have of selling your item in the near future. That being said... what do you guys think? Please feel free to post your thoughts and ideas on the auction, as well as volunteer to donate an item. Starting now, I will create a master list of donated items and it will be updated at the top of this thread all the way up and through the auction this fall. If you would like to donate an item, please make sure it is horror or genre related. If you have an item you feel would be a good exception, please PM me. All I need right now is your name and the item(s) you will be donating. You can post that here on the thread, or you can PM me what you'd like to donate.

If you would like to remain anonymous, please PM me w/ your the item and I will not share your name. I however encourage everyone to let people know you are participating. There is nothing wrong w/ attaching your name to a good cause, and leading by example.Thank you for your time.

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Saturday 4/04/2009 at 12:39 AM | 41767
I like to help people and it's no different if is in USA or Bral for me, so I'll help the only way I can now sending something to an auction.

Congratulations Justin!
L√úCKMANN Monday 4/06/2009 at 10:35 AM | 41900
Depending on what the deadline is (did I miss it in the post?) & time permits, I'd be more than happy to contribute a hockey mask :)
Decaynyfx Tuesday 6/02/2009 at 03:59 AM | 47258