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come see....RE-ANIMATOR!!!! Hallows Eve Films "Horror Night"

Hey all once again its time for...


This Sunday the 26th at the Hell Gate Social in Queens NY. Doors 8pm and NO charge; prize give aways!

This months clasc is Stuart Gordon's 1985 clasc RE-ANIMATOR!!!!! Before the feature we will debut the trailer for Sopwith Camel Productions sci fi feature "TRAVELER"

Come hang out and drink and be merry! Support NY GORE! -Evan!
ny ghoul Wednesday 4/22/2009 at 04:43 PM | 43626
We'll see if I can actually make it out there this time
kweandee Wednesday 4/22/2009 at 06:31 PM | 43631
We'll see if I can actually make it out there this time

Can you fly me up Des?Ghoul I WOULD LOVE TO GO! Damn plane tickets!! Good luck with it my friend!!!

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Thursday 4/23/2009 at 05:09 AM | 43680
Man it'd be great to meet some of you here. We'll be doing this once a month and maybe more if the event is very succesful. Beyond that we might be taking my own film on the road in the coming months at different film fests and cons. I'd love to meet you guys. Again anyone in the NY/NJ area come down and enjoy a free night of horror. The only thing you need to pay for is the booze.
ny ghoul Friday 4/24/2009 at 04:48 AM | 43807