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My blog on Zombie's Halloween and H2

This is a blog I out up on my Myspace fully stating my distaste for Zombie's Halloweens. I'd like to try and keep it civil.


Way back when the news of Rob doing the remake of Halloween I was fucking ecstatic. I loved Rob and I loved his first 2 films. I thought he'd be the man for the job. Well, that changed on opening day when I saw this movie twice.

Opening Day

Opening day came and I believe I was off work so I saw an early show around noon and got a ticket for later that night around 7. My heart sank after that first viewing at noon. It was so bad that I couldn't believe I bought a ticket to come back later and t through those 2 hours of crap again. Usually viewing something once isn't enough for me to like something (such as Halloween III) so I thought maybe the second time would make it better. Wrong, it only made it worse. A few days later I decide to go see it again. Still didn't change a thing. Most people have read tidbits of what I hate about this movie. Well, here's the entire breakdown for you:

The Prequel

The idea of having a prequel explaining and showing Michael's past and time at Smith's Grove struck me as a good idea at first. However, over time, I became more and more of a fan of the original and I realized how much it took away from Michael. The whole point (which Rob missed a lot of in this movie) was that Michael's past not be known. To let the viewer themself conjur up any idea they can and want what Michael's past is. The entire prequel area of the movie was irrelevent and not needed. I thought they learned from the mistake of trying to explain Michael with Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Obviously not. And even though he doesn't talk as an adult (yet) it still takes away a lot from his mystery by him talking at all, even as a kid.

Blood, Sex, and Language

I've heard it many times that in these times you have to have the three elements above to attract people to a movie, especially horror. That's ridiculous.

I always use the example of When A Stranger Calls (also a remake) but it's a great example because it had none of the 3 elements in it and that theater was just as packed as Halloween on opening day. And it was a PG-13 movie, oh god. What attracts people to see a horror movie is that fact alone, that it's a horror movie. Not those 3 infamous elements.

Zombie's Halloween didn't have an excess of blood but one scene stands out: Ronnie's death. Little Michael ties him up in duct tape wrapped all around the chair...just to slit his throat. How redundant is that?

The nudity in this movie was too much. A little bit is cool and all but for christ sake I thought I was watching porn sometimes. Three nude scenes. Three! I don't remember the last time I saw that much nudity in a horror movie. And this isn't even just for the unrated veron. And I'm sure having Danielle Harris run around topless for about 5 minutes was for the wet dreams of some of the Halloween fans out there.

The language, oh god. There had to have been as many "fucks" in this as there was in Devil's Rejects and more than all the past Halloweens combined. Again, I know how the times are but really? Is really that hard to write a script that you have just fill in the blanks with fuck? I swore I was watching a copy of Devil's Rejects with Michael thrown in.

His Own Movie?

Now I remember hearing, more than once, that Zombie was going to make this his own movie. So, then, why did he use exact names, lines, and scenes from the the original? I'll give you 10 lines and scenes from the original that Zombie used:

1. Mason telling Laurie not to forget to drop off the key 2. Lynda's three new cheers 3. Bob's death 4. Laurie babytting Lindsay for Annie 5. Loomis and how he knows where Michael is going 6. Michael stealing the head stone 7. Michael placing a girls body at the head stone 8. The chase across the street 9. "Was it the boogeyman?" 10. Laurie sees the shape outde the window at school

At that's only 10 of the many more. I thought it was going to be "his own movie"? At least Nispel knows how to change nearly everything and make it his. Not carbon copy everything and modernize it.


I thought that we would all learn and know by now that the fact that Carpenter made Laurie Michael's ster was what made this series go to shit in the first place? And so Rob just completely ignore that and throws it into the mix with his film. So odds are we're going to have some sort of repeat of Haloween 4 and 5, which most of us can't stand (excluding me). So, another element stolen ,not from the original, from Halloween II.


Well so far we've only seen an early trailer for H2 but already Rob has fucked up again. And here's why:

1. If this is going to be "his own movie" then why does most of the trailer show hospital scenes like Halloween II? 2. Why does he look like a hobo? I feel I should give him a buck instead of run. 3. Does Sheri Moon have to be in all your films Rob? I mean I know she's your wife but really? 4. Speaking of Sheri Moon, why the hell is her character "behind Mciahel's killing"? She killed herself because Michael was nuts! 5. Scout's acting. 6. The mask is halfway gone so can we expect it melted to his face by H3 or H4?

Good job Rob! You've bent this series over and screwed it in the ass worse than Resurrection and Revenge have put together.

Now let's hear the Zombie ass kisser come to his rescue...
DrenTheLiar Tuesday 4/28/2009 at 03:30 PM | 44388
All these complaints and you still OWN the movie and you WILL be there opening day to watch it.

If you were that ANTI RZ Halloween then you are being kind of hypocritical.

Just my opinion... AGAIN

Big WANG Tuesday 4/28/2009 at 05:40 PM | 44403
All these complaints and you still OWN the movie and you WILL be there opening day to watch it.

If you were that ANTI RZ Halloween then you are being kind of hypocritical.

Just my opinion... AGAIN

How will you know I'm there opening day anyway? You don't live around here so you couldn't prove I was, just to put it back in my face I was there.

So I have the DVD, so what? I've said many times that I have it because I keep trying to find more to like but it just doesn't happen. I've also said there are a few things I did like about it and I watch it, sometimes, just for those things.
DrenTheLiar Tuesday 4/28/2009 at 05:59 PM | 44409