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Hello All!

New here...tried to get a seller account but the page kept blitzing out right in the middle of registration.

I do however, have a part of my horror movie collection up fort bid on ebay.

I've included a Rob Zombie Micheal Myers

mask, movies, Freddie Krugar claws amongst other things.

Feel free to look it up on there.

My wife just had a baby and we could really use the money, though it hurts me to sell all of my movie paraphinelia

Thanks all!

bloodtears11 Sunday 5/10/2009 at 10:45 PM | 45493
Welcome aboard... I know how it is having a new baby and having to get rid of things you don't want I had to give back my beautiful financed car when I had mine. If your having trouble with the auction te PM booman or one of the mods and I'm sure they'll be more then happy to help you

kweandee Monday 5/11/2009 at 02:04 AM | 45505