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Custom Part 4 (costume pictures added on page 2)

This is our latest custom piece. A customer requested SPFXMasks to create a movable hyper-realistic licone part 4 mask. SPFXMasks was happy to help, and we went straight to James Kagel; who sculpted the original used in part 4.

James has been a creature degner/sculptor in film for over 30 years. Some of his many film credits include The Thing, Nightmare on Elm Street III(Giant Freddy snake), Poltergeist II, Masters of the Universe, Howling II,

Splash, Gremlins II, Big Trouble in Little China(the Eye creature), Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Slither, Something Wicked Comes this Way, Predator, Stargate, Child’s Play(Chucky), Friday the 13th Part 4(Jason), Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Jumangi, Spiderman(Green Goblin), The Abyss, Independence Day, Hulk and 300.

The one eye that is closed will be opened a bit. Here are some pictures of James sculpting his creation, and the sculpt which is still in progress. Saturday 5/16/2009 at 12:58 AM | 45775
that is unreal!

sausagecake Saturday 5/16/2009 at 04:06 AM | 45782
Wow! Amazing!

Klempo Saturday 5/16/2009 at 12:03 PM | 45789
Damnit, damnit, damnit!
DrenTheLiar Saturday 5/16/2009 at 12:26 PM | 45791
Man I would love to have that

kaizu Saturday 5/16/2009 at 02:01 PM | 45795
Very cool stuff!
quietonthesetstudios Sunday 5/17/2009 at 04:35 PM | 45849
WOW.... Dude, that is amazing.

DarkArtist81 Monday 5/18/2009 at 04:22 AM | 45895
Looks amazing and well worth whatever price it comes with.
cropsy Monday 5/18/2009 at 08:41 AM | 45907
That is a whole lot of sexy!
Evildsm Monday 5/18/2009 at 02:49 PM | 45920
Thank you everyone.

-SPFXMasks Monday 5/18/2009 at 03:46 PM | 45928
Just curious, will this be available in a hood veron?
DrenTheLiar Monday 5/18/2009 at 10:09 PM | 45963 Thursday 5/21/2009 at 10:41 PM | 46198
My god, that is killer!
DrenTheLiar Friday 5/22/2009 at 01:32 AM | 46210
I'm speechless!

Great sculpt by James.

I'm looking forward to seeing this in licone.
Snoballz Friday 5/22/2009 at 02:01 AM | 46212
This is just ck! Can someone please get me one of these for Memorial Day?

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Friday 5/22/2009 at 05:14 AM | 46216
This is just ck! Can someone please get me one of these for Memorial Day?You're not getting squat!!!!
SithLord Friday 5/22/2009 at 05:55 AM | 46219
Hey Rusty, let me know when you do a part 6 Jason Lives mask. This one is pretty cool too. Cudos
Anonymous Friday 5/22/2009 at 06:44 AM | 46220
kaizu Friday 5/22/2009 at 04:10 PM | 46234
Sneak peek at Monsterpalooza... Sunday 5/31/2009 at 12:23 AM | 47125
This is a test mask Rusty made for himself. The dead eye will be adjusted to look upwards, and the custom teeth with protrude more. This is only a test Tuesday 6/02/2009 at 05:23 PM | 47289
I think I might have found my first spfx mask.

Any ideas on the price for these yet?

Or did I miss it?
Evildsm Tuesday 6/02/2009 at 05:35 PM | 47290
Damn that is insane
kaizu Tuesday 6/02/2009 at 11:16 PM | 47324
that is the bees knees. i would kill for one of these.

pamelavoorheesRIP Tuesday 6/02/2009 at 11:51 PM | 47328